Daily Virgin Criteria

The whole point of this blog is for me to take risks and offhandedly interject with, "Oh, yeah? I've done that" at any chance I get. So no "watch a new movie" or "go to a museum I've never visited before" because they're laaame. Now, if it were "watch a new movie in which I was an extra" or "go to a museum I've never visited before and pull a Banksy", I'd be game.

Here are my parameters for blogging:
  1. These tasks should be things that I've either always wanted to do or that will beneficially expand my horizon. Yes to trying Chat Roulette. No to trying crystal meth.
  2. D.V. tasks need to be legit actions that I can concisely frame in the sentence "Never have I ever...". If the words following resemble a four year old's run on sentence, then something went horribly awry.
  3. Although I'm willing to bend the law to my favor every now and then, I'd rather not have the FBI tracking my blog and LAPD breaking down my door.
  4. Life is all about spontaneity! Therefore, I'm allowed to do something in the heat of the moment even if it's not on my list. If Ewan McGregor asked me for a grand make out sesh, you bet your sweet ass I'm adding "Kiss a celebrity" on my list and then gleefully crossing it off in between squeals of rapture.
  5. I will only post if I've gone through with the task. Almost doing a task won't cut it. Failure is a possible outcome that I embrace begrudgingly.
  6. Updates at least 3 times a week. After all, this blog is called the Daily Virgin, not the Weekly Whore. (It used to be 5 times a week but shit just got real. Oh snap!)

On that note, I need to get crackin'!