The Virgin Herself

One morning I woke up and realized that I was much too timid and complacent for my own good. I somehow convinced myself that the best way to remedy this was to hurl myself out of my comfort zone.

My Lunar New Year resolution -- I was too lazy for a regular New Year one -- is to try something new on a daily basis (schedule and situation permitting). The Daily Virgin Task List is compilation of my bucket list and random things that piqued my interest. Some of those things won't be touched for another few years while a couple will be knocked off this weekend.

So there you are.

And this is where I am: a 20-something year old native Los Angelino; a cinephile currently working an office-bitch job at a respected Hollywood design house and teaching film at a high school on the side; an awkward introvert who will talk your ear off once you crack my sarcastic shell; a connoisseur of fine wines and boba milk teas; a feminist with a flair for fashion; a secret fatty who will choke a bitch for the last red velvet cupcake; always looking for fellow adventurers and upcoming endeavors.

Stop by, say hi, and challenge me to a round of Scrabble or Catch Phrase. I am always game.

P.S. All the photographs on the site are taken by me. I'm slowly getting acquainted with my Canon Rebel XS.